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Sports photography refers to the genre of photography that captures images related to sports, athletes, and sporting events. This form of photography aims to capture the drama, achievement, and intensity of athletic competitions. I strive to freeze crucial moments, showcasing the peak action, emotion, and skill exhibited by athletes during competition.

 Capturing pinnacle moments, like scoring, intense expressions, or high-action instances. Successfully predicting when key actions or reactions will occur and choosing angles that offer unique or particularly enlightening viewpoints of the action.  I have over 20 years experience in the sporty world at the university level, covering indoor and outdoor sports.

I work in various contexts, including amateur and professional sports events, and my work may appear in various media outlets,  This field requires a combination of photographic skill, knowledge of the sport being photographed, and the ability to anticipate and capture defining moments that convey the excitement and energy of the event.

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